Saturday, January 4, 2014

Judy B.'s Best Non-Fiction Recommendations For Kids

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Judy's note: "About adorable sloths and the sloth rescue center in Costa Rica."
Judy's note: "The gifted artist introduces us to animal habits and habitats."
Judy's notes: "Through her amazing and colorful collages, we learn about these parrots."
Judy's note: "Don Brown both writes and illustrates very clearly the hellscape that was the dust bowl."
Judy's note: "Wow- a story that is unbelievably moving!"
Judy's note: "For the older reader, a stunning graphic novel about the 4 legged heroes of WW1, WW2, and Vietnam."
Judy's note: "For anyone who loves math geniuses, or just likes good biographies in picture book form."
Judy's note: "Picture book biography with illustrations that really capture Einstein's brilliance and brain."
Judy's note: "beautiful illustrations and detailed descriptions are perfect for the adult
who loves trains and history or the child you immerse in this method of travel which was so common at one time."
Judy's note: "You don't often hear of these golfing friends."
 Judy's note: "A true story of a fearless woman who has started schools for girls in Afghanistan."
Judy's note: "This virtually wordless book takes the reader/traveler/historian through this beautiful country.There a lots and lots of details which encourage multiple reads."

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