Saturday, January 4, 2014

For Those Who Have Some Wonderlust
Journey to the planet's most magnificent places with Lonely Planet's Beautiful World - a thought-provoking portrait of our world. This lavishly produced hardback will help you see the planet as you've never seen it before, renewing your relationship with the place we call home.

Uncover the awesome real world of wonders, find out fantastic facts, be stunned by the truly surprising and let your mind be boggled by the magical and the amazing.

Get the lowdown on the world wonders that really matter from the creepy catacombs of Paris and the super-secure Fort Knox to a robot restaurant in China and international space station Incredible photos and cutaway illustrations of the most mind-bending spots on the whole planet: Scary places, spooky places, hi-tech and hidden places fun places, thrilling places, deadly and daft places.
The Perfect Getaway 

Beach paradises.

Luxury hideaways.

Cultural thrills.

This showcase of the world's most enjoyable escapes celebrates the sheer pleasure of travel. Take time out to indulge in romantic getaways, culinary adventures, musical journeys and family holidays. Or simply revel in pure relaxation. You deserve it.
To be a dinosaur hunter you have to be ready to journey through space and time. This book will guide you to remote corners of the world and show you where and how to find dinosaur remains, ranging from bones and teeth to eggs and footprints. It will also take you far back into Earth's prehistoric past to find out when, where and how dinosaurs lived - and bring you face to face with some of the biggest, scariest and weirdest creatures that ever roamed our planet. Along the way, you'll pick up tips from some of the most famous dinosaur detectives of the past and present, visit many of the world's finest fossil collections and learn how to date your finds, transport them home and bring them back to life - well, almost.

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