Monday, September 9, 2013

Jackie's Spotlight On Debut Fiction

This is poet Jason Mott's first step into fiction, and what a debut it is! The premise of the book is the returning of long dead people, now alive again and the same age as when they died. They appear, at times, very far from where they came from. Governments around the world begin to organize getting them back to their families, but as more and more people return, things get crazier and crowded as tensions rise. There are so many issues that come up in this situation, regarding morality, religion, humanity (on several levels), civil rights, martial law, family dynamics and so very, very much more. This is a fascinating book, and it seems that this will be a series of sorts, and is already optioned for television in 2014. I can't imagine a better book for book clubs--there is sooooooo much to think about and discuss in this very impressive book.

Learn more about the book HERE.

Meet the author tomorrow night (9/10/13) at 7:30 pm at our Colfax Avenue store.


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