Monday, August 12, 2013

TC Tidbit: A Local Customer With A Novel Idea

Matt Gabriel is a law student at the University of Denver and also an aspiring writer who has recently decided to write a novel in serial form on a blog called The Literary Lawyer.  He says:

"The idea of a blog novel is a unique and innovative way to write a novel because the readers can comment on each individual post or chapter and be a part of the editing process. In a way it gives them a hand in telling the story. I have already set up the blog (see above) and I have posted the first few sample chapters. Once the novel is finished my hope is to compile the posts and edit them into one complete volume to eventually be published. To accomplish this endeavor I have set up a Kickstarter profile to help me raise money to cover publishing costs. The Kickstarter page can be found HERE. You will find all the details to my project there. I also have several more chapters ready to post. My hope is to create an incentive to donate by setting donation goals before posting more."

More about the emerging novel:

The Trial of Johann Vickers is a novel about a vampire (do not think Twilight or Vampire Diaries) named Johann who is on trial for the murder of a little girl. The novel takes place in a fictional Colorado community where vampires and humans have co-existed peacefully, but suspiciously of one another for quite some time under the condition that humans donate blood for the vampires survival and vampires agree not to bite humans themselves. The novel begins with Johann breaking this pact by biting a little girl. This alienates him from both humans and vampires, because he has disrupted the peace between the two species. However, the girl he bites does not technically die, but is turned into a vampire. Despite this, the novel is centered around Johann's murder trial and explores how this ongoing event leaves a town divided and blurs the lines between right and wrong, and good and evil. There is no shortage of drama as the town unravels and loyalties disintegrate. The reader is propelled towards the climax, all the while asking, 'what is evil?' and 'who is the real victim?' The answers lie in the verdict of Johann Vickers...

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