Friday, August 9, 2013

Judy B. Is A Champion Of This Book

Bully doesn't have a kind word for any of his friends. When the other animals ask him to play, he responds in the way he's been taught:

Chicken! Slow poke! You stink!

Laura Vaccaro Seeger's bold, graphic artwork, along with her spare but powerful words, make for a tender, hilarious, and thoughtful tale.


Judy B says:
"This book explains the cycle of bullying so simply and perfectly. With very few words, we quickly see how the bully got to be a bully, and we find that the bully is not particularly happy acting this way. And then the honesty and the kindness of animals that he has picked on transform him and he can finally let go the the bully persona.
Beautifully illustrated by an award winning illustrator and a star in her own right."

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