Monday, April 8, 2013

Judy S. Calls This Book A "gem...of many facets..."

This gem of a book has many facets -- one side classic literary hero, another side timeless love story, another side mythical quest, on and on  depending on the reader's perspective.  All hard ice at its center and glinting fire around the edges, its brilliance reflects the turmoil across the lives of three friends as that of everyman.

That a writer is able to capture all of this depth in a first novel reveals a notable level of maturity towards his craft.  One quickly cares about the characters -- two writers and an actress -- and soon comes to know them as old friends.  Book lovers and writers will ponder its razor-edge sharpness and crystalline clarity long after the second or third reading.

Book clubs take note:  great fodder for discussion found herein! 

--Judy S.

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