Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jackie's Been Waiting For This


Musk Ox, our rambunctious anti-hero, literally chews through the cover of this anarchic alphabet book. Having eaten the apple that A was supposed to be for, he blithely inserts himself, claiming A is for Musk Ox—because musk oxen are Awesome and live in the Arctic, which includes Alaska! Zebra, his nemesis, is less than thrilled.

And so this cantankerous couple lead the reader on a romp through the alphabet with Musk Ox claiming every letter for himself, and Zebra doing his level best to keep him under control. Filled with Matthew Myers's hilarious artwork with lots of hidden details for kids to explore, this may be the funniest alphabet book ever created.

Jackie says:
"This book is a HOOT!  It will be fun for parents as well as the kids.  I've always believed that laughter and learning are good partners, and this book is a fine example of that.  I learned about this book some time ago and couldn't be more excited that it's now on our shelves."

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