Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Judy B. Is A Big Fan of Happy

Clear, strong lines and radiant colors that seem to smile at the reader characterize Mies van Hout’s drawings.  In Happy, Mies shows all the emotions a young child encounters. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish, showing a particular emotion with its name in lettering that expresses the same feeling.

Swim into Happy where the dazzling fish sparkle against the dark background and let the images spark laughter and empathy.


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Judy B says:
"I loved this book when I first saw it.  I've book talked it to teachers who have shown an interest in it because of the portrayal of more complex emotions past just happy, sad, angry, or afraid.

I am fascinated by how the artist got those little fishies to show many different emotions so clearly! Genius!

I'm a fan!"

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