Thursday, July 12, 2012

"All in all I'd say it was a fine summer read, both entertaining and edifying," says Pete

"Even the gloomiest Gus will no doubt claim to have a great sense of humor. Well, you don't need to have a great sense of humor to enjoy Sacre Bleu, but it certainly does help. That and at least a passing interest or appreciation of the great painters located in and around Paris from about 1860 to 1900. These would be your Monets, Manets, Renoirs, Gauguins, etc.., etc...

When one of their contemporaries, Vincent van Gogh, is shot and killed in mysterious circumstances (true story), two aspiring painters join together to investigate (not a true story). But as artists, they freely admit to being useless at anything other than painting, drinking, and chasing women across the Seine and back. But it's all good fun, and along the way you do learn a lot about the color blue and all its glorious and inglorious past. I would suggest this novel to fans of Woody Allen's film 'Midnight in Paris,' where historical characters pop up at a moment's notice to both amuse and shock. While this novel may not have the same romantic charm as the movie, the book itself is beautifully crafted with many of the artists' paintings on full display. All in all I'd say it was a fine summer read, both entertaining and edifying."


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