Friday, January 20, 2012

Jackie says, "This January is a HOT month for YA releases. Here's just a few!"

"This is the second book in the Across the Universe trilogy, and the story moves at a tremendous pace.  Things are more and more unsettled as the population comes off the controlling drub Phydus.  Violence and political unrest are increasing, as is the death count,  and Elder and Amy are in a race to find and figure out mysterious clues left by a now frozen criminal that might help them save the ship.  There are many major revelations as the action ramps up, with one heck of a cliff-hanging conclusion.  Revis picks up exactly where she left off in Across the Universe and does not disappoint."

"This is a fantastically creative sci-fi tale that follows the very basic story line of Cinderella, but with considerable futuristic upgrades that add to the story in a very colorful way.  For instance, Cinder is a cyborg, though she tries to keep that a secret because she's got a tough enough life as it is without dealing with a bunch of cultural disapproval and disdain.  She get's enough of that from her guardian/step-mother and her oldest step-sister (the younger one isn't so bad).  She's the top mechanic in the land, and the family's only real source of support, though at home she's treated more like a servant than a bread-winner.  Then she accidentally meets the Prince, her little step-sister becomes deathly ill with the plague that has ravaged the planet, and Cinder get's sold off to be a medical guinea pig for the cure.  And this is just the beginning of the adventure.  This is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles, and I predict that it is going to be a smash hit.  Luckily, there are three more books coming, Scarlett (2013), Cress (2014) and Winter (2015).  Boy, it's gonna be hard to wait for them!"

"Amanda Hocking is one of those publishing prodigies--she sold over a million copies of her self-published books and has a huge on-line following.  After reading "Switched", now being published by St. Martin's Griffin, I understand why.  This is great stuff.  She has created the world of the Trylle, the modern day, PC, not your Grimm character trolls, who secretly trade their own babies for human babies, then collect them again once they've grown up and have begun to manifest powers.  Trylles have all sorts of possible powers,many related to the natural world, but mixed breeding and young Trylles refusing to remain in the isolated Trylle communities are threatening Trylles everywhere, and the present queen is not going to allow that.  Switched concerns Wendy, a 17 year old who suddenly finds herself in mysterious danger and is whisked away by a Trylle tracker only to find out that she is, in fact, the Princess, and there are many, many expectations placed upon her because of that.  And, it seems, she is one of the most powerful Trylles of all.  Thank heavens Book 2, Thorn, is coming out in February, and Book 3, Ascend, is coming out in April, so we all can find out what happens to the reluctant Princess and her people--human and Trylle."

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