Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grippando Starts A New Year With A New Stand-Alone Title

 Abe Cushman, the evil genius behind a sixty-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, has killed himself and taken his secrets to the grave. For Patrick Lloyd, a young Wall Street advisor at the world's largest Swiss bank, Cushman's fall has unexpected—and deadly—repercussions. His girlfriend, Lilly, is directly tied to billions of dollars in losses suffered by Cushman's most dangerous "victims," a group of powerful investors whose identities and dirty finances are shrouded in secrecy. What Lilly knows can get her and Patrick killed, and now the pair are in a run for their lives that leads to the heart of a secret operation.

With no place to turn and no one to trust, Patrick and Lilly must uncover the truth before they become collateral damage in a "financial war" where casualties are no longer measured in dollars and cents.

PW says:
"A Ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff proportions drives this winning financial thriller from bestseller Grippando (Money to Burn). Abe Cushman, “a former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market and a force on Wall Street trading for nearly fifty years,” commits suicide just hours before he’s supposed to report to federal authorities on charges of massive securities fraud. Upwards of $60 billion has disappeared, and some very dangerous investors are extremely upset. Dragged into the hunt for the missing money is Patrick Lloyd, “the junior member on a team of high-net-worth specialists” at the Manhattan office of the International Bank of Switzerland, along with his fellow BOS employee and former girlfriend, Lilly Scanlon. Grippando slowly reveals the twists and turns of his intricate plot while fueling the proceedings with a steady supply of action. A solid ending will leave readers wondering if the author has come up with a solution to the real-life Madoff mysteries that still remain."

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