Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Have A Moment?

From the creators of Six-Word Memoirs comes The Moment, a collection of personal stories from writers both famous and obscure revealing how a single instant changed their lives forever. An innocuous decision, an unforeseen accident, a chance conversation, a tag sale, a terrorist strike, a tweet . . . sometimes all it takes is a single moment to redirect the course of an entire life.

The Moment unveils everyday people’s inner lives in narratives of all shapes and sizes, with stories from six to 1,000 words, photographs, comics, illustrations, handwritten letters, and more. It’s enough to change your life forever.

Read an interview with Editor Larry Smith about the book.

Jackie says:
"I'm a huge fan of Larry Smith and the books that he puts out, as well as Smith Magazine.  I was delighted to see this book on my desk a little while back, and I've been sipping from it ever since.  I can only read a few of the 'moments' at a time, because they are sometimes profound, or heart-breaking, or hilarious, and they all need to be savored.  I've also spent a lot of time thinking about the 'moments' in my life,  which one would be THE one, and if I would ever be as brave as these people about sharing it.  This is great book to start out a new year on, though, really, it's a great book PERIOD."

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