Tuesday, September 2, 2014

James Gandolfini Got Jackie To Read, and Love, Dennis Lehane's Latest


Dennis Lehane returns to the streets of his acclaimed New York Times bestseller Mystic River with The Drop

A love story wrapped in a crime story wrapped in a journey of faith.

Three days after Christmas, Bob, a lonely bartender looking for a reason to live, hears a whimper coming from inside a trash can. The abused puppy he finds there will change his life forever, as will Nadia, the damaged woman he meets that night. Like him, she's desperately searching for something to believe in.

Bound together by their decision to rescue the puppy, Bob and Nadia's relationship grows. But just as they've found something to live for, they cross paths with the Chechen mafia; a man grown dangerous with age and thwarted hopes; two hapless stick-up artists; a very curious cop; and the original owner of the puppy, who wants his dog back. . . .

From New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane, a new novel that's the basis of the major motion picture from Fox Searchlight Pictures directed by Michael r. Roskam, screenplay by Dennis Lehane, and starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and James Gandolfini.

 Jackie says:
"This is not my usual kind of book. I read Mystic River something like 12 years ago because I trusted that, if Sean Penn was starring in the film, it was a great story. And the same thing happened with The Drop, which was set in the same area as Mystic River. This time it's because the late James Gandolfini plays Cousin Marv in the movie (and he's profoundly perfect for the role).  

This started out as a short story that Lehane punched up for Hollywood. There are a lot of damaged people in it, and how all their stories bubble together into some surprising resolutions makes the pages go by fast. Oh, and I fell hard for the character Bob—there are deep rivers in that lonely soul. His rescued puppy Rocco was adorable icing on the cake." 

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