Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guest Author Blog: Jamie Ford On Online Karma and the Value of Our Bookshops

"Technology-wise, I love that, as a writer, my voice can be heard, read, consumed, sampled, rejected, and even criticized in a number of digital platforms. Getting books into the hands of readers has never been more inventive. And I personally sell nearly half of my novels as eBooks, and so I owe a debt of gratitude to certain online retailers for creating these digital pathways.

But, I don’t owe them my silence. Which is why I hate how often my fellow writers censor themselves for fear of treading on the toes of billion dollar corporations. Too many of us look the other way or stand mute and watch the digital deforestation of the literary world. We’re writers! We write to be heard. We’re citizens of the Republic of Letters. If we don’t speak of social, economic, cultural injustice…who will? Screw royalties. I’d rather be paid in posterity points."

Read the whole piece HERE.

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