Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Margaret Found This Book To Have "just the right amount of creepiness..."
"Looking for the perfect book for a gloomy winter day? Sophie Hannah's psychological mystery The Orphan Choir may be the answer, with just the right amount of creepiness to keep you turning the pages without having to check the windows.

Louise Beeston is grief stricken, frustrated and exhausted. Her young son sings in a prestigious boys choir and the director refuses to allow home visits during term. In essence, her son as been abducted, though no one else understands how she feels. Her neighbor is blasting music late into the night, but her husband still manages to sleep. When she begins to hear hymns sung by a boys choir that no one else hear, she takes steps to regain her son and her sanity. Unfortunately, the results are terrifying.  Still, I wouldn't call it horror.

The Orphan Choir is a stand alone novel, not part of Hannah's detective series, and a excellent place to begin if you have not yet read her work."

--Margaret N.

Editor's Note:  Daisy and Samantha (Bichon and Tuxedo cat respectively) also loved this book because they got to curl up with Margaret for a wonderfully long cuddle on a freezing cold windy day. 

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