Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Judy B.'s Favorite 2013 Books For the 8-12 Year Old Readers

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Judy's note: "A book about being different and being sensitive to others' differences. Lovely and funny, but also about grief, so well written, this is an award-winning book!"

Judy's note: " Bo is a five year old orphan girl in Alaska of the 1920's. She is taken in by two kind people , a cook and a miner, and she lives with them in an Eskimo village inhabited by travelers from around the world, of course hoping to strike it rich.Engaging story and really great read-aloud."
Judy's note: "This story is told by young Isaac during this  sad time in American history.Provides great information about Chocaw's lives at the time."
Judy's note: "This book is also listed on the teen list; it is multi-layered and so evocative of the time.
Ultimately it proves our connectivity to one another."
 Judy's note: "This  first time author  has created a lyrical  magical, and elegant book that begins with a baby found floating down the river in a cello case. She searches for her mother, and is helped with great kindness.This is a book to read, and re-read."

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