Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"'The Perfect Gentleman' is the perfect memoir," says Cathy

Both deliciously funny and deeply insightful, The Perfect Gentleman is a beguiling multi-layered memoir that has touched the hearts of readers all over the world. At the age of one, Imran Ahmad moved from Pakistan to London, growing up torn between his Islamic identity and his desire to embrace the West. Join Imran in his lifelong struggle against corruption and injustice, and as he grapples with some of Life's most profound questions. What does God do exactly? Do you automatically go to Hell for following the wrong religion? How do you persuade a beautiful woman to become your girlfriend (and would driving a Jaguar XJS help?) Can you maintain a James Bond persona without the vodka, cigarettes and women - even whilst your parents are trying to arrange your marriage? Imran's unimagined journey makes thoughtful, compelling, and downright delightful reading.

 With a unique style and unflinching honesty, The Perfect Gentleman addresses serious issues in an extraordinarily light way, and will leave readers both thinking deeply and laughing out loud.

Cathy says:
"The Perfect Gentleman is the perfect memoir.  Imran Ahmad's recounting of growing up Muslim in London is wry, sometimes laugh out loud funny, and always insightful, offering a window into a world most of his readers will have heretofore been utterly ignorant.  His voice bright even as he conveys  many of the darker aspects of his experiences, and brings to light the racism and indignities he and others endure. His observations of the many quandaries encountered in multicultural societies  are   thought provoking and quite entertaining.   The Perfect Gentleman is the Muslim Tender Bar."

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