Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Many Talents of Nick Arvin

"Ellis's life is all about accidents.  He works as a forensic reconstructionist, examining the engineering of auto accidents.  It's analytical and straight forward, the numbers tell the tale.  But there are other accidents in his life that he just doesn't have the
equations for, and they haunt him.  It began with his half-brother's death in a fiery crash that he witnessed, and then an accident of his own, and the "accident" of falling into an affair with his bosses wife.  After his boss finds out about his affair, the man disappears and Ellis goes on a very strange quest, accident site after accident site, looking for him, leading himself into grief and guilt fueled madness that sends him, and the readers, down a twisted path to a very unclear enlightenment. The writing is brilliant, with more twists and hairpin turns than any mountain pass might have.  This book is well worth the literary ride."


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