Friday, July 15, 2011

"So far, this is my favorite summer read," says Miki

Everything Beautiful Began After
Rebecca is young, lost, and beautiful. A gifted artist, she seeks solace and inspiration in the Mediterranean heat of Athens—trying to understand who she is and how she can love without fear.

George has come to Athens to learn ancient languages after growing up in New England boarding schools and Ivy League colleges. He has no close relationships with anyone and spends his days hunched over books or wandering the city in a drunken stupor.

Henry is in Athens to dig. An accomplished young archaeologist, he devotedly uncovers the city’s past as a way to escape his own, which holds a secret that not even his doting parents can talk about.

...And then, with a series of chance meetings, Rebecca, George, and Henry are suddenly in flight, their lives brighter and clearer than ever, as they fall headlong into a summer that will forever define them in the decades to come.

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Miki says:
"Everything Beautiful Began After is a striking and honest story of Rebecca, George, and Henry.  They have all moved to Athens, Greece to escape their painful pasts.  Each of them is subconsciously trying to avoid real human connection and further heartbreak, but fate had its own plan.  As the three lives collide, they soon realize that life and its problems cannot be ignored.
After tragedy strikes in Greece, everything changes.

Van Booy writes so honestly of how wonderful and tragic life can be.  He shows the elegant and the grotesque sides of love, friendship, death, disaster, and emotion.  It is wonderful to find a writer who truly understands that love is not all romance.   Relationships are never really what we dream them to be, they are often far from it.  However, all human connections shape us, change us, and move us.  This is the aspect of
life that Van Booy has captured so perfectly.
So far, this is my favorite summer read.  Everything Beautiful Began After has love, sex, adventure, and of course, a gorgeous beach setting.  I highly recommend this novel for anyone tired of the same old love story."

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