Friday, July 22, 2011

Local Author Jennifer Petkus Is Dead On With Her New Mystery Series

Good Cop, Dead Cop
Alex Munroe hated being dead, but he hated not being a cop even more. Luckily the discovery of the afterlife means death isn't quite the disability it once was and new technology has allowed him to partner with rookie cop Linda Yamaguchi. Of course technology still can't give him a physical body or the ability to interact with the billions of other dead people, except through the Internet. But technology has allowed Alex to expand his mind and access the world of information in ways he would have never thought possible when alive, which is a useful skill when the dead start to go missing, and it's up to Alex and Linda to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

Read an excerpt here.

Jackie is just RAVING about this book, saying:
"Jennifer Petkus is a Denver author who is doing the city proud, and I'm not just saying that because Tattered Cover plays a roll in the book.  The concept of this book is absolutely brilliant--the afterlife has been discovered, teeming with all the people who have ever died.  Until just recently, they had no way to talk to each other let alone the living world, and sadly, many have gone insane from the isolation.  But now the internet is able to help--these disembodied folks can sign on to Afternet with their energy signatures and communicate with the world and each other.  Some are even employed like police officer Alex Monroe, who works with a living partner, Linda, getting disembodied witnesses statements, doing special surveillance (he is invisible, after all), etc.  Alex and Linda start to get reports of missing disembodied people and discover a sinister plot against the dead--because the disembodied can't move through physical objects, they can be trapped.  Someone is doing just that to thousands of people.

This book has it all--humor, action, bits of philosophy and social/cultural commentary, a science-geek level of very plausible and fascinating sci-fi details that make the mind race--and it's very hard to put down once you open its covers.  I'm going to be handselling this book like crazy, it is so fresh, intelligent and engaging that I can't imagine this staying a hometown book for long.  Five stars just aren't enough!  READ THIS BOOK!"

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Susan said...

I bought Good Cop Dead Cop for a friend's birthday gift - will be back for more for Christmas presents!