Thursday, June 30, 2011

99% Of The People Are Gone, But Lucy's Still Alive and Trying To Stay That Way

Ashes, Ashes
Jackie says:
"When a plague of hemorrhagic small pox wipes out 99% of the world's  population, 16 year old Lucy is a survivor.  She's alone, having made a camp in the The Wilds, what had been Central Park.  At least until a pack of dogs, trained by The Sweepers (people who are looking supposedly looking for the infected) causes her to meet Aidan, a teenage boy living in a scavenger settlement several miles away.  He saves her from the dogs and leaves her rattled--it was her first contact with another human being in over a year.

The global warming has wreaked havoc on the planet, and the seasons
are different and brutal.  Lucy wakes up one morning in her camp to look out at the Hudson sea and knew what was coming--the water was sucking itself out to sea in order to come roaring back as a tsunami.  She grabs what she can and just barely makes it to safety, everything she had gone with the water.  Reluctantly, she goes to Aidan's camp to try to live with people again.

There she finds out a bigger picture, and sees a Sweeper raid where
they take part of that community away for seemingly no reason, and she wants to fight back.  When she's nearly taken in a second raid, and a member of the community "escapes" from the Sweepers only to tell them that they had infected him with the plague on purpose, she become part of a small band to go rescue the others taken by the Sweepers.  Only to discover that SHE is the one the Sweepers want most of all.

This is a fantastic read, and, sadly, all to easy to visualize
happening.  It's going to be a long time before I can forget the 'burial by building' description, or the vivid moment of crossing the ragtag bridge for the first time.  Treggiari really has a gift for making the page come to life."

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