Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mark L Recommends Author Elizabeth Chadwick

Mark tells us:

"Her most current effort is a two novel fictionalized biography of William Marshal,Earl of Pembroke, one of England's greatest knights and statesmen. He served successively Henry II, Richard I, John,and Henry III. He was an unsurpassed tournament champion,and married one of England's great heiresses of the time, Isabel de Clare. Marshal has long been a favorite of mine,and I've followed his path on trips to England and Wales. I have read Chadwick's novels and recommend her wholeheartedly."

The Greatest Knight
Royal protector. Loyal servant. Forgotten hero.

A penniless young knight with few prospects, William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II's formidable queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine. In gratitude, she appoints him tutor to the heir to the throne, the volatile and fickle Prince Henry. But being a royal favorite brings its share of danger and jealousy as well as fame and reward.

The Scarlet Lion
William Marshal's skill with a sword and loyalty to his word have earned him the company of kings, the lands of a magnate, and the hand of Isabelle de Clare, one of England's wealthiest heiresses.

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