Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Heartbreaking Story That Lies Behind "Jayden's Magic Door"

"A white door with stickers and a hand-written sign that says; 'Do not enter' in block letters stands closed. It appears to be an ordinary door, but to Jayden it isn't. Slowly, Jayden takes a deep breath and opens the door. Is a pure heart of a seven year old enough to help save 'Do not enter land'?"

from The Seattle Times:
"Jayden Underwood has been dead six years, but his bedroom door is still covered with stickers of superheroes and cartoon characters, stretching only as high as the 7-year-old could reach.

He slapped up the "Do Not Enter" sign, hastily written in pencil, one day after a tiff with his mother, a bold display of first-grade independence.

Except for its location, Jayden's bedroom door looks the same as it did Feb. 19, 2005, when he, his mom, Lisa, and his unborn sister, Marleigh, were killed inside their house in Fort Worth, Texas."

Read the whole heartbreaking yet inspiring story here.

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