Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two more holiday stories

Well, the final weekend before the holidays is now over! Whew. Our stores were busy! Thank you to all of you who visited us!

Today in the Highlands Ranch store, there was a piano recital all afternoon. It was great to be working while live music played. Our bookseller, Jinx, shares a story with us about music:
I think my favorite Christmas was when I was 13 and my Mother gave me the sheet music for Silver Bells.  Sheet music was for me what CD's are for todays kids.  I played it so much on the piano that I'm sure my family must have wanted to hide the music--but they didn't say so.

Christmas was and still is, a book.  My mother shopped all year for our books and I still buy myself one special one--usually a children's book.

And bookseller Emilio writes:
Christmas has always been a family affair.  I remember best of all the Christmas time in the 1945-l950+ years. The second world war was over and there was reason for families to celebrate and get together.
Christmas Eve was an adult celebration at our house.  After Mmdnight Mass people were invited over for food and drink.  This was especially festive after the war because of all the returning members of the Armed Forces.  Our family and relatives were fortunate in having not lost anybody in the war.
As a child I could only stay in my room and wish for the day when I could go to midnight Mass and join the festivities.
Christmas Day, after Mass and private family celebrations, 8-10 families would come to our house to celebrate a family Christmas (We had the biggest house, so it was where we gathered. The men had a meal first, then the kids, and finally the women (I suspect they saved the best for themselves). After the kids were fed my father gave every child a ticket (5 cents) to the movie theater and 15 cents for candy and pop corn (This was to get us out of the house and out from underfoot. Early evening meant snacks men, kids, and women.  I don't remember any gifts I received.  
It was all about family being together.
I never made it to the adult Christmas because our families started going in a variety of directions.  However, my parents still kept the holiday alive by inviting college students who couldn't go home.  There were usually 10 to 15 invited for holiday meals.

Thanks to both Jinx and Emilio for sharing their holiday memories with us. The Tattered Cover hopes you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season, filled with lots of new memories.

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