Monday, December 15, 2014

Lynn Found A Lovely Children's Book She Wants To Share With You

When Nana Clover borrows a rejected little candle from the building super for her Thanksgiving table, she sets off a chain of sharing that winds through five families, four winter holidays, and lights the way through a snowstorm for a new family.

Lynn says:
"Winter Candle by Jeron Ashford is a heartwarming story about a family in the process of moving to an apartment building in an unnamed city which follows the path of a single candle as it travels from each new neighbor to neighbor until it winds up in the mostly empty apartment where the family waits for the father to unite with them (reminds me in a way of my favorite Thanksgiving film, 'Pieces of April', only more for a very young audience)....

I was so happy to see it since a family I know is in the process of a move (with kids feeling some trepidation going from rural to city life)who it is utterly perfect for, but the celebration of community, diversity and welcoming is something anyone can relate to, moving or not."

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