Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Bookseller Remembers Tony Hillerman

Author Tony Hillerman died earlier this week, and Bookseller Cathy G. had this to say:

What a great guy he was! Love his books, love that deep connection with the Southwest and Native American culture & traditions--and how they exist in our ever-changing world.
He came to our store many times for signings. I remember one years ago when I was assisting with events and had the privilege of hanging out with him a bit while we waited for show time. He told a story of a co-signing at another book store with another author where few--if any--people turned out. He and the other author laughed about it (what else could they do? cry?), signed each other's books, and went about their lives. A simple story that illustrated for me his warmth, humor, and unassuming manner.
I'll miss him!

To check out his books, click here.

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