Friday, July 13, 2012

"This book is a perfection of quirkiness as I have never seen it before," according to Jackie

"On the surface, this is a simple book.  A 40something Denver man, Stacey "Shakespeare" Williams takes an unscheduled trip to his boyhood home in Dorsey, CO only to find his father living in deep dementia and profound squalor.  Shakes finds his caretaker dead in the bathroom (a week ago, from natural causes) and quits his job and moves back in with his father to see what he can do to literally save the farm.  Over the next several months the bills pile up, the groceries go down, old friends are somewhat reconnected with, and Shakes has a number of profound conversations with his rapidly deteriorating father.  This sounds like a grim novel, but it is the exact opposite.  There are tiny gems strewn throughout this book that are hilarious and uplifting and very, very wise.  This is book is a perfection of quirkiness as I have never seen it before, and a very promising debut from one of Colorado's own."

Here are some pictures from the signing event at Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue on July 5, 2012:

There was some talking.
There was some singing.

The whole band was there, or at least pieces parts of a lot of bands.

There was even some spontaneous dancing.

And some more talking, and some signing.

He asked everyone who wanted him to sign their copy of his book to please sign his own copy of the book.

Overall, there were lots of  happy people at Tattered Cover that night.


Jill Baguchinsky said...

Just got here via Dutton's Twitter account. Looks like a fantastic event -- go Greg!!

Jackie said...

It was a ton of fun. And thanks for telling me about the Dutton tweet--I'm so glad the publisher liked what I had to say. Now you know about the blog, please visit again, often. :)